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Anaero Technology collaborates with industrial and academic partners in multiple projects. We work closely with other researchers across the world. In our projects we aim to optimise impact to address environmental, social, health and economic challenges. Concretely, We are specialised in Anaerobic Digestion, however in Anaero Technology, we are open to working in and discovering different fields.  


Our research and development projects are regularly undertaken on behalf of, or co-working with, companies or other research-users. Core scientific investigations undertaken within the School, at lower technology readiness levels, provide our partners with the opportunity to provide input to the direction of the research. This research often attracts significant levels of public funding and industrial involvement in the work is usually vital in securing that funding and supporting effective outcomes from the work.



Our Cambridge Lab has 90 operational auto-fed digesters and 120 BMP reactors being used to develop advanced research on AD & Fermentation through own and collaborative research.'



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