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Anaero Technology offers different equipment (auto-fed digesters, BMP tests and others) for hire to research institutions and industry. We always suggest and provide our clients with the best options according to their requirements and needs.

  • Automatically fed digesters

  • BMP/RBP equipment

  • Gas flow meters

  • Others: gas calibration syringes, feeder syringes, gas composition meter. etc.

  • Hig

What is special about our equipment? 

  • High quality replication of  full-scale AD plants (validated for several years).

  • Automatic fed lab reactors capable of feeding real fluid thick feed in continuous pumping mode.

  • Rage of customised multi-stage reactors available. 7 auto-fed reactor systems available.

  • Hybrid digesters for low cost basic semi continuous research. Standard BMP for biogas potential evaluation.


In Anaero Technology we are scientists and designers, we understand the needs of the current research, we undertake retrofits and bespoke design of research equipment.

Anaero Technology designs originate from over 20 years R&D experience in Food Waste AD and Wastewater Treatment in the UK.
Currently our machines have been installed in 15 countries.
Our Cambridge Lab has 90 operational auto-fed digesters and 120 BMP reactors being used to develop advanced research on AD & Fermentation through own and collaborative research.'



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