Biomethane Potential Test Manual 

Biomethane Potential (BMP) is a biological test to evaluate the potential methane/biogas volume generated from a material (substrate). The test comprises two elements: a) Inoculum and b) sample. Inoculum (seed) is fed an amount of sample on a VS ratio basis (M/F), gas yield production is then measured continuously in real time. The gas is measured and converted to units of ml gas/gram VS substrate at Standard conditions for Temperature and Pressure (STP).

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Automatically Fed Digesgter Manual 

Anaero Technology’s lab-scale anaerobic digestion research bioreactors are capable of automatically feeding heterogeneous feedstock, as used in full-scale AD operation. This system provides high quality replication of full-scale AD processes, from feed storage, to digestate capture in a gas-tight set (feeder, digester, digestatetank, gas flow meter) that allows efficient mass balances.

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