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Automaticly fed digester

Automatic Anaerobic Digestors &
Fermentation Research Systems

Automatic digester
BMP (biomethane potential) Set
Hybrid digester set

Auto Fed Digesters
Versatile. Efficient Research.

From £17100

Practical, precise feedstock evaluation.

From £7995

Hybrid Digestors
Low cost manual feeding.

From £9500

Autofed Digester Systems

  • Automatic Food Waste Digesters for Advanced Research. Our patented automatic feeding digesters can handle accurately feeding food waste and other heterogeneous slurries with precision and ease.

  • Versatile Digesters for Various Research Purposes. We offer a range of digesters to suit your research needs. You can choose from 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, or 10 digesters in different sizes, from 0.8 to 230 litres.

Designed for Research

  • We are  a research-focused company and have our own Anaerobic Digestion research programme at our lab base in Cambridge. We make every effort to enable adaptability of our equipment to specific research needs.

  • Our designs are based on decades of industrial-scale. operations and academic research. We enable research grounded in the real world.

  • Our machines help avoid,  excessive processing of samples, such as mincing, dilution, buffering, etc., and help produce the most realistic results in the industry.

Machine blueprints

Hybrid Systems

  • Our line of hybrid digester were developed for low cost research where manual feeding is acceptable. We have added advanced features, such as self-draining,  multi-stage upgrades, and multiple access ports. Accurate mass balances are simple.

  • Two new ranges of hybrid systems: water bath-based multi reactor machines (Phoenix and Pegasus), and individually controlled bench hybrid digesters (Unicorn models) which range in volumes between 2 and 20 litres.

Hybrid digestor images
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Committed to Quality. Designed by researchers for researchers.

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