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Automatic Anaerobic Digestors &

Fermentation Research Systems

What makes us unique

Autofed Digester Systems

  • Our patented automatic feeding digesters are capable of accurately feeding food waste and other heterogeneous slurries on a continuous basis for advanced research with less labour.

  • 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 10 or more digesters in sizes from 0.8 to 230 litre volume. Hybrid systems for manual feeding research in water bath or electric jacket individual modes, and the standard BMP/RBP sets.

Designed for Research

  • We are research-focused and have our own Anaerobic Digestion research programme at our lab base in Cambridge. We make every effort to enable adaptability of our equipment to specific research needs. Our machines are robust and we continuously improve our designs and develop new research capabilities. We are currently working to enable upgrading of all our auto-fed systems to multi-stage operation at low cost.

  • Our designs are based on decades of industrial-scale. operations and academic research. We enable research grounded in the real world. For example, if BMP/RBP tests are to guide operations, avoiding sample dilution for analysis is desirable since no operators would ever add water to dilute feed. Diluting may be convenient for analysis but is unrealistic in practice and can influence results. Our machines help avoid, as far as possible, excessive processing of samples, such as mincing, dilution, buffering, etc., and help produce more realistic results.


Hybrid Systems

  • Our hybrid digester range was developed for low cost research where manual feeding is acceptable. We have added advanced features, such as self-draining, possible multi-stage upgrades, and multiple access ports. Accurate mass balances are straight forward.

  • We have also recently developed two ranges of hybrid systems: water bath-based multi reactor machines (Phoenix and Pegasus), and individually controlled bench hybrid digesters (Unicorn models) which range in volumes between 2 and 20 litres.

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