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About Anaero Technology

Anaero Technology was founded from our need for equipment capable of evaluating the biogas or inhibitory potential of feeds processed in full-scale AD plants. Anaero Technology has developed and patented equipment that is easy to use, robust, consistent, and capable of using the same inoculum, and feed, of full-scale plants.


We aim to improve access to AD research and optimisation whilst driving research standards up. We offer Biomethane potential (BMP) for characterisation of feedstocks and some process evaluation, Automatically-fed research and evaluation digesters for full-AD process evaluation and modelling. Anaero Technology also carries out collaborative research with industry or academic institutions using the autofed digesters and BMP equipment at Anaero Tech, Cambridge laboratory.

Our People

Edgar Blanco - Managing Director


A Research and Development Manager with over 17 years experience on research on wastewater and food waste treatment. In the last 8 years  Edgar has worked on the optimisation of anaerobic digestion of food waste and has been a partner on collaborative research projects with several UK universities. Past work includes research on optimisation of Activated Sludge through bioaugmentation, sonication, and protozoan grazing, odour control in sludge treatment operations, liming of sludge cakes, anaerobic biofilm reactors, sludge dewatering, and minimisation of sludge production in wastewater treatment. This work was carried out while working for Anglian Water as an Innovation Technologist in their Innovation Team. In current role,as R&D Manager for Andigestion the last project was part of the European Valorgas Project, which concluded in September 2013, on the Optimisation of Anaerobic Digestion of Food Waste.

Ray Middleton - Engineering Manager


Rashmi Patil - Senior Research Scientist


A Microbiologist and senior research Scientist working at Anaero Technology Ltd. Ms Rashmi studied a MSc in Water and Wastewater Engineering at Cranfield University. Currently working on anaerobic digestion of foodwaste, agricultural residues and agro-industrial waste. Ms Patil has 4 year's experience in the field of anaerobic digestion and has worked on projects involving production of biogas from waste to novel feedstocks. Previous projects include: 'Potential biogas yields from agricultural by-products, industrial waste and energy crops', 'Quantification of potential biogas yields form energy crops and arable by-products', 'Lab-scale evaluation of biogas potential from microalgae', 'Production of lipase enzyme for biodiesel production', 'Production and characterisation of probiotic yoghurt'.

Miranda de Graaf Rose - Chief Administrative Officer

An experienced research assistant with a strong background in molecular biology, virology and genetics. Miranda's job at Anaero is administrative and logistical. 

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